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The United Kingdom is made up of four countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These countries form together by the Act's of Unions to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Before 1921, Northern Ireland and Ireland was all just one country. However, people never in Ireland never wished to be ruled by the British Government and so they fought for Independence. The Irish indeed got there independence but the people of Ulster, wanted to remain part of Britain and thus they fought to stay within the Empire. They too got what they fought for. So in 1921, Northern Ireland was officially born and to this day remains a separate state from Ireland.

This is not where my argument lies. Over the years throughout my life as a Northern Irish/British citizen I have felt my identity be striped away from me, not in the normal sense, but it still has an impact on me and it greatly upsets me. Whenever I travel to America, people would always comment on my accent and ask me where I'm from. Once I tell them I'm from Northern Ireland, they presume I'm Irish, which I'm not. I try to explain to them that Ireland and Northern Ireland are two very separate countries. One time, I did explain this to a couple and they argued that 'We Irish' never liked the British and I just couldn't believe it. That may be true for some people but not for all. I simply explained that I myself am British and that Northern Ireland is a different country but they just seemed like they couldn't process this.  

I know, some of you reading this will probably think why am I making such a big deal over this, it's not something to get myself upset about but I hold pride in my country and my identity and for me to have that taken away from me and placed into another country and nationality that I do not identify with is upsetting.

I was watching a CNN news broadcast, where one of the presenters, thought Ireland was still part of the UK and the Irish quest explained that it wasn't and that they use the Euro, instead of the Pound, but Northern Ireland still remains as part of the UK. However, I heard the female presenter say to the others, that Northern Ireland wishes to break away and join with Ireland. I was so upset by this remark. Yes, Northern Ireland is a highly divided society and I'm sure that there are people in my country who would wish to join with Ireland but this is not true for many of us. So by stating this remake caused great hurt for me and I know if anyone else in my country was watching this, it would cause great resentment because we are a divided society and matters of this natural are hostile subjects. 

Furthermore, I was watching the latest episode of Hawaii 5-O last night and they included 'Irish' men and the character of Jerry explained that these men had come from Belfast, Ireland. Now, first of all, Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. A separate country, so where exactly did these men come from. Northern Ireland or Ireland? I know it's not the actors fault but it is the writers. It annoys me whenever I watch a programme that I really enjoy and when they include Irish people, or Northern Irish people they always class them as one. I live in a separate country.

How would any Americans feel in the state of Texas or California feel if I went and said or TV/Movie said that you weren't an American Citizen but a Mexican Citizen. How would any of you feel if I they said that you were not your nationality but another nationality from a neighbouring country.

I know it seems a very trivial matter but it is something that effects me and I know others who it effects to. Yes, if your referencing before 1921, then you can refer to it as one country but anywhere after that it is TWO SEPERATE COUNTRIES!

If you wish to read up more, here's a link to the wiki page all about Northern Ireland and there's one for Ireland too.……
In case you've noticed I have taken down some pieces of work which I actually really liked but this was due to an email I revived from DA. In this email it stated that one of my pieces Death The Destroyer was a copyright violation and it was reported Stacey L. Hewitt for Stone, Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson & Binder, LLP representing Christian Serratos. However, all my works are fan art and I have stated that. Plus, will all Christian Serratos fan art be removed from deviant art. No, I've already checked and there are loads still up there. So I find it very strange. Then I realized that I never had a piece which included Christian Serratos titled Death The Destroyer. So I went up and checked and all my pieces which I created using her were all still up on my account but when I went to check for 'Death The Destroyer' it wasn't in the album it was located in. The best thing is, it was a fan art piece of Nina Dobrev and I couldn't believe that they would take it down saying that it was Christian Serratos. In my eyes Nina and Christian are nothing alike. So as a result of this, I have decided to remove any work from my page featuring Christian Serratos and I will not be uploading any more works which include her because I do not wished to be banned from DA.
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My 10 facts:
1) I hope to move to New Orleans to live
2) I get way to excited over factional characters
3) I've met some celebrities - including some of my favourite actors
4) I wish to become a Politician
5) I want to be remembered for doing great
6) I'm an avid reader and a lover of books
7) Can't choose between colours to pick a favourite
8) Massive Klaroline Shipper (As you can probably tell)
9) I can't speak a foreign language
10) I believe in everything supernatural (apart from the little green men)

Questions to me from Aki-The-Cat
1) Can you swear in a foreign language? (not English)
Nope. I can't even speak a language.

2) Your favorite celeb?
I have way to many to count, so here's a list: Joseph Morgan, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Candice Accola, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. I have many more favourite celebrities but those are just a few.

3) Do you like your work on DA?
Some of it. I defiantly think I could improve on some pieces.

4) Do you know Torchwood?
Yes, I've heard of it but I've never watched it.

5) Can you explain why is everyone freaking out bout Hetalia?
I don't even know what that is.

6) Have you ever been to a convention?
Yes. I've been to a few

7) Do you know what a convention is?
Of course I do.

8) Do you love Vampires?
Who doesn't love Vampires? I'm obsessed with them. They are defiantly my favourite Supernatural creature. Though I prefer the ones that don't sparkle (Sorry Twilight) If Vampires were real, I would actually track one down just so I could be turned.

9) Are you a cat or a dog person?
I'm Defiently a dog person.

10) Which pizza topping would you be?
Just good old plain cheese.

My Questions To You
1. Where in the world to you most desire to live?
2. If you had to look out at one skyline for the rest of you life, which one would it be?
3. Favourite Fictional Character?
4. If you could be one supernatural creature, what would you be?
5. What would you like to be remembered for?
6. What is your favourite piece of artwork done by me and why?
7. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
8. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
9. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
10. What type of cocktail would you be?

When I first heard that a Supernatural Spin-off was going to happen I was honestly so excited because there was so many possible ways for a spin-off to be created from. However, when I heard that it was going to be all new characters and mostly monster centric I kind of began to doubt it in a way, as the new series shares nothing with the original show apart from the name and the backdoor pilot. Though I felt like I was going to be proven wrong because for got sakes it will be part of the #SPNFamily and anything or anyone in that fandom is just purely amazing.

However, after just recently watching the episode, I felt that it was very poorly conceived, which greatly disappointed me to no end.

The fact that the backdoor pilot killed off Ennis's girlfriend at the beginning annoyed me to no end, because I felt like they were just trying to recreate the similar emotions in Ennis as when Jess died in the Supernatural Pilot and I think that it was a wasted opportunity.

I have heard of Lucien Laviscount before and to be honest I've never really liked him, but in the roles I seen him in previously weren't the greatest so I thought that maybe his character as Ennis would be better for him and would greatly change my opinion. To some extent it did. I do think he has become a better actor but I just don't think he's the leading man material for the show and I think he looks way to young to play a believable Ennis. I know Dean and Sam were young when Supernatural first started but they grew up in that life aka The Family Business so they had experience dealing with supernatural whereas Ennis only really discovered monsters not too long into the show and then decided to join into the fight not even processing what he saw - which to me is somewhat unrealistic. However, I've always been a fan of Nathaniel Buzolic and I believe he played David perfectly and I just loved his character and would actually love to see more of him. Though I think the overall storyline took away from Nathaniel's great acting.

To be honest I was actually extreamly board watching it and usually when I watch Supernatural I'm on the edge of my seat every episode jumping up and down with excitement. The only time I really did that was when Jensen and Jared (Dean and Sam) came in and they defiantly added to the pilot.

Also, I fount the pilot to be predictable, I felt like I already knew what was about to happen - which further disappoint me. When they mentioned that Ennis's father had been killed I knew that instance he wasn't actually dead and was off somewhere fighting monsters and I was proven right in the end, so I never really enjoyed that.

Out of all the directions the Spin-off could go they picked this one which just never lived up to it's expectations in my opinion. If the spin-off was picked up for a season I think they should do something like American Horror Story and embrace a mini-series but that's just my opinion.

With the nearly introduced Men of Letters on the show, I would think that would be one of the perfect storylines for a new show, especially a spin off, because just imagine the possibilities of it. The character of Cain which was introduced this season was incredibly interesting and I really want to know more about him - fingers crossed - but I think a series about Cain and his passed would make a great show - especially because of the parallels between Dean and Cain and their brothers who were threatened by Lucifer - maybe I just want Mark Pellegrino back to play Lucifer. Or maybe Abaddon and the Knights of Hell. Ohhhhh now that would be interesting.

Also, during the early seasons of Supernatural 'The Colt' was a biggy and I would love to have seen maybe a spin-off about the man himself - Samuel Colt because even the god himself, Eric Kripke has mentioned that him and writes would sometimes imagine a series featuring Samuel Colt and a band of hunters in the American West. Now that would defiantly be an awesome series to watch.

I know that some of you may have different opinions than me but this is just what I think of Supernatural Bloodlines. If it does get picked up I will defiantly watch it because after all that was only the pilot and you can't always judge it by one episode.

What are your thoughts on what I've just wrote, I honestly would love to hear if you have a different opinion or agree with me. Though please do not send me hate or say that I no way support SPN because I do, I've watched it from the very first episode and greatly love my show. I grew up on it and I still watch and love it.


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 2:26 PM
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As some of you might know,  I usually do manipulations for fan fictions or cover works for a story but  I recently began working on writing my own fanfiction. However, due to personal life I was unable to continue writing and when I did I lost my muse for it - which was a shame because ibdid want to continue writing the story.

However, I have recently begun working on another story and I kinda have it all mapped out on where I want the story to go. So I should be uploading the first chapter soon. 

My fanfiction will be about Klaroline since there my OTP - I ship them like crazy. I honestly don't understand why on earth JP just won't have them together because there is such amazing chemistry between the two characters. As a result to them being my favourite couple ever, my fan fictions will be about them.

i previously had my username as 'MidnightRippah' but I have recently changed it to 'CouthieBeauthy', so if you wish you can check me on or on Tumblr. 

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Mood: Christmas Spirited Merry christmas everybody 

Listening to: I Hope - Rebecca Ferguson

Reading: Interview with a Vampire and a bunch of Fanfiction

Watching: The Big Bang Theory

Eating: Chocolate

Drinking: Diet Coke

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Ten things about myself
1.) I want to be a Politician.
2.) I want to be remembered for doing great things and not my faults.
3.) I am conflicted with myself at times.
4.) I love to read.
5.) I love travelling and exploring what the world has to offer.
6.) The place I would love to visit is New Orléans .
7.) I believe in a higher power.
8.) My favourite season is defiantly Winter.
9.) My favourite animal is a Dolphin.
10.) I laugh way to easily - especially at really stupid things.

Questions to Me from xBlondieMomentsx.
1.) Which character do you think you're most like?
I would say that I'm a mixture between some of my favourite characters, like Klaus and Caroline (TVD) and Dean (SPN). I have a mixture of their trades. I can't really narrow it down to one since I believe I'm like those characters.II
2.) Who is your favorite author?
Another difficult question. There are so many authors which I love and adore. It's really have to say. I love the classical authors but I also love modern ones. If I had to chose it would be Oscar Wilde because I just adore his works.

3.) Do you believe in love at first sight?
Honestly I'm not to sure. I would say no at this moment but my opinion could change.

4.) Do you believe magic exists?
Yes I do.

5.) Would you take a bullet for someone?
I would if it was someone I cared truly about.

6.) What song is stuck in your head right now? Or playing at this moment?
I Hope by Rebecca Ferguson.

7.) Why is that your username?
The reason for my username is because I took sayings from my two favourite shows (SPN/TVD) and combined the pair. There was a quote in SPN that mentioned the 'Midnight' and I thought that it went so well with Klaus's saying 'Rippah'. So that's basically why this is my username.

8.) What is one thing you've always loved about yourself?
Ummm... I don't really know to be honest. It's kinda a tricky question.

9.) Optimist? Pessimist? Dreamer? Or Realist?
I can be all of those on occasions.

10.) What is your favorite art piece by me?
Blood Lust

Questions to you.

1) Have you ever met a Celeberity?

2) What's your favourite place you've visited?

3) What would you do with a million dollars?

4) If you could spend a day with 1 person, living, or dead, who would it be and why?

5) What do you want to do in the future?

6) How would you like to be remembered?

7) If you had to look at one city skyline for the rest of your life, which would it be? 

8) What's your favourite movie and why?

9) What's your favourite book/author?

10) What is your favourite piece of art done by me?












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